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News: Pusha T Drops Lyrics For New Single, "M.F.T.R." x The Dream

I am not sure if Push is getting a cheque for using Rap genius to publish his lyrics before we hear a record. But something tells me he is cause this is a dope way to announce his Timberland produced record.

Before you peep the lyrics below be sure to pay attention to the way that Pusha T is marketing his King Push: Darkest Before Dawn album. Here is a man who is President of a dope label doing things his own way. Don't sleep on Pusha.

Peep the lyrics below. The one line that stands out is the one with is subtle nod to Tyga- "The illusion of money we don't believe in You ask me, Tyga looking like a genius"

Here is the Hook


Here is Verse 1


Here is Verse 2


Here is Verse 3