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News: @ProMkhize x @Prime_Circle Collab For @CastleLagerSA @SABWoB #BringUsTogether

Pictures taken from: SAB World of Beer

Castle Lager is the beer that brings South Africans together. What better way for South Africa's most iconic beer that plays on national pride to celebrate its 120 years with music.

Damn I know right? 120 years is a long time for a brand to be celebrating and for Castle Lager its an opportunity for them to do something truly remarkable and something that makes us all feel proud of South Africa. So where does music fit into all of this ?

On the 1st October Castle Lager launched the music video of 'Bring Us Together', a powerful collaboration between two of South Africa's biggest musical acts, rock band Prime Circle and rapper PRO.

"We chose two artists that have stood the test of time, Prime Circle and PRO, to work on creating a unique song that is very different to something that's been done before. The two genres of music, rock and hip hop, have come together in a very unique way." - Castle Lager marketing manager Angelique Kuiper,

alt I know right. Pro x Prime Circle. Who would have thought that this could be a possible collabo.

But according to Nic Scheijde, Castle Lager's general manager this was something special. 'As part of the celebration Castle wanted to produce a commemoration track in honour of this amazing milestone. We approached two of South Africa best performing and well known artists – Ross from Prime Circle and PRO. Both come from different backgrounds and both are famous for different reasons – Ross for rock and PRO for rap.
alt Pictures taken from: SAB World of Beer

The outcome was the track and the music video we are launching tonight at the SAB World of Beer, a venue tailor-made for the launch given that the World of Beer also represents 120 years of good beer, good friends and good times."

The music video drops soon but for now you can peep the BTS making of the track below. In terms of Pro this is dope and just like you i can't wait to hear x see this music video.

For now you can peep the BTS after the jump.

Video taken from SAB World of Beer

Uthini ngo Pro huh?

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