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News: Peep The Top 10 SA Hip Hop Verses For 2015 According To @TumiMolekane

Better late than never right? Well Tumi dropped his Top 10 SA Hip Hop verses of the year via the gram. His list is pretty interesting considering that he left himself out of it.

See his Top 10 below and let us know what you think. Did we mention this is interesting.

"Criteria is simple, released this year and it must be longer but no shorter than 8 bars. This list is based on my opinion, if you think I omitted somebody or didn't follow a better process MAKE YOUR OWN LIST. And another thing, I don't include myself in this list, mostly because I think if you following me you might already be a supporter of what I do so let's give other children a chance but mainly cuz I am a fan or rapping and I want to hip you to some other dope shit.

Peep it after the jump though bro.

10.Blak Lez - "Freedom or Fame Remix"


"Blacklez has become the underdog people's champ. He has positioned himself in an alternative lane. Respectable and skilled, he has never really lit up the world with his rapping but he has always managed to stay in the conversation around the dope Lyricists. On the original Freedom or Fame he does a great job but it's on the remix that he has a solid and memorable verse that outshines some of the best in the game.

The verse - "Lesego, I'm necessary evilI'm humble, break my name up I'm less ego"

9.Morale - "Freedom or Fame Remix"


"I haven't seen much of Morale since the Zola featuring Ayamaah. He seemed to have missed a couple seasons and sometimes when you coming from a long hiatus you could sound out of touch and dated. I think he was clever to do a track with Reason and Maggz as his return cuz those two rappers are more in the classic mold of a rapper. There wasn't much pressure on him to sound very current but his verse is string enough to stand out.

The verse - ""I take off like Amber Rose, dope flows overdose, OD comatose, OG on his oath"

8.Cassper - "Juice Back Remix"


"Cassper Nyovest whines a lot. Cassper Nyovest wins a lot. He is limited but he is also the undisputed biggest rapper in Africa. His story has been an inspiration to witness. Nobody can honestly say he is the most skilled Mc in South Africa but nobody can say he isn't. That's amazing to me. All that said, Cassper is first and foremost a rapper and nowhere else did we see this manifest itself than with his beef with AKA. He broke the country let alone the Internet with Dust2Dust a scathing attack on his enemy's character but for me it's his verse on the Juice Back Remix where he shines. He brings great cadence and a well measured approach to his verse.

The verse - "I mean these niggas were hella distance Until they heard that mtn gave me seven figures Now I am stunting in the back seat of a rolls royce like Hello Kitty"

7.Proverb - "Nothing New"


"Proverb "Nothing new" verse 2Verb is a beast. He lives in most people's top 3 lists (well those that matter) 😉 His sound might suffer from a lack of nuanced production and his flow might be on the more monotonous side but there isn't a better rapper than Verb in the country. If you tell him to Spit, he will mesmerize you 10 times out of 10.

The verse - ""I see yall eating, first of all
you found it open you don't know who worked the doors,But let's eat, I don't mind a search for more You all my sons, my style gave birth to yours"

6.Ginger Bread Man -"KwaMkhize"


"It is clear now that Trill is one of the best Lyricist in South Africa. Literally one hit away from being mentioned in the same breath as your AKA'S and Cassper he has suffered from a lack of exposure but one thing that has never been in question is his skill. Easily the best bar for bar rapper on this list.

The verse - "Alright alright I jump for the kill feet first, you Oscar P, need feet first"

5.KO -"Pasop"


"There is no denying every time K.O spits there is bound to be a quotable and it's going to be an overall memorable moment. On this posse cut he brings his signature cool laid back slow fast style that has made him Contender for SA's best rapper"

The verse -"Skhanda gawd, I'm the pinnacle
Kleva sfun ukwazi Are you friend or foe
Cuz I'll pull your card and you'll get exposed Mina ngzel igwap What you in it for?
When I am with this dark skinned centerfold
The boy going hard in a foreign car With a foreign broad no xenophobe"

4.AKA -"Composure Verse 1"


"AKA Composure verse one I don't think lazy is a word you can associate with Super Mega. He is one of the hardest working performers on the continent. Although there has always been a sense that he tends to dumb down or write down or even that he prefers to focus on other things associated with rap music. Like hooks, beats and overall production. That's why when he decides to put pen to paper he is something to see/hear. He was magnificent on my intro to Return Of The King but when he reminded the whole continent that he is a beast of an Mc on Composure he set the whole country alight. Even creating a new singing type flow at that.

The verse -"I think I should spit something we can build with,I think we need change who got the till slips This is beyond Drake and Meek Mill shit, Fuck a fiance I got a Lil kid"

3.Youngsta -"Way It Go"


"The days of the Lyricist seem like they have all but left us in this new era of rap. Fans don't seem to value lyricism too much these days, so it's always refreshing when a young rapper can show you he has that bygone skill that has come to define mcing all these years. YoungstaCPT shows on Way It Go that there is still much to be said about a rapper with bars and flow. Here he deliberately shows off his skill by repping the true home of hip hop in South Africa.

The verse -"I am El Fuego Meaning im fire / burning you heavily / lyrically lighter The greater creator they calling me Tyler My past was odd / my future is brighter Kaapstad naaier"

2.Nasty C -"Juice Back Remix"


"Not since Cassper has there been this much talk about a up amd coming rapper. If you take one listen to his Price City Mixtape you realise just how talented Junior is. He coulda had VOTY for his verse on Way It Go or the original Juice Back but for me it is his most recent verse for Juice Back Remix where he proves himself against established superstars Davido and Cassper.

The verse -"I feel bad for being the one to school these niggas when my friends I trying to get to university"

1.Kid X -"Pasop"


"To me the perfect verse contains enough wit, flow and a level of difficulty that you can't imagine anyone else saying it. Kid X is a marvel to listen to. He is unorthodox without alienating the listener so much that you can enjoy him and not have to know the technicalities of his genius. It's no secret I love what the kid's pen do but I was heart broken by the Mixtape though.

The verse -" "I am more 46664,I'm money behind bars Style is ice cold Flow is in liquid form Elami iverse ligqiba inkonzo"