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News: @Nelz_SA To Drop A New Single Titled #UBER

UBER is an unofficial single from Nelz,following her official single #WannaDo from the 'Radio EP'. The title of the song is the ultimate concept of the song, just like how most people rely on an uber to get that from A to Z ,Nelz is no different. The song is a 'club banger' which highlights how Nelz relies on an uber to get her around town whether its to the hottest party in town with friends or its a gig she's performing at ,the uber is always on speed dial.

'With this track I also aim at promoting responsibility to us all as young people who engage in nightlife activities, the message is that its always best to have a reliable form of transportation after partying with friends and an uber is just another way of making sure you arrive home safe.

The track is very youthful and targets a crowd that enjoys having Fun. So all in all its a fun hiphop tune that's bound to make you dance and want to'jump in an uber' and experience the 'uber' lifestyle.