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News: @Nasty_CSA Pushes Back Album Release

No one is in the know about the technicalities involved in trying to get Bad Hair out. One thing I do know is that trying to get a sample clearance on a song here is a nightmare. Unnecessarily so, I'd say. I mean, what is the big deal? I used your song; I submit the song to your rights owners and present the fact to you, is it a yes or a no? I swear sometimes I feel like the record label representatives that oversee this permission don't take other kids seriously. Then again, we don't know who exactly Nasty's dealing with and when he submitted for clearance. We understand how this could've turned out this way. I'm just not sure about waiting the night before to let us know. Whichever way, we'll be waiting for when it's finally sorted and hopefully the sampled joint won't be excluded from the project as a result of the tedious process. Let the kid have his song yo'll! The Fanily got you boy.