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News: Lil Wayne Disses Birdman x Says "F*ck the Birdman. F*ck Cash Money.

"Fck the Birdman. Fck Cash Money. I'm going through a lot of bullsht right now. These nggas got me in bars right now. They don't want to see me make good music. I don't know what the fck's going on, but fck them nggas. And I just want you to know if anything, if you thought that for any second I gave a fck about it, I can't because I got people like y'all that's still supporting me."

Well you can throw respek out the window now. Weezy said the above statement saying that Birdman x Cash Money can go and "you know what". It was all good just a week ago.

Peep the video where he throws the respek out the window