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Download: @iFani_Haymani New Single "Ibhadi"

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The song is about questioning the concept of "ibhadi" that we grew up being taught, fed and trained into. Through educating myself (via formal schooling and self schooling) I've come to realise that ibhadi is not a permanent thing but a choice we make ourselves.
We, all of us, have the power to change our thinking and when we take control of our minds, we can change ibhadi to success.
This is what i talk about during my University talks under #ProjectF2A. I talk about changing our mindsets from Failure (F) thinking to success (A) thinking.
ibhadi has some real life somewhat humorous stories and a serious undertone.
I've included two artworks, one that shows the old perspective of fearing ibhadi and the other (the one i teach and speak about) of seeing the light or opportunity when ibhadi presents itself.
Last night, on Clash Of The Choirs, i demonstrated this change of focus when i took #TeamiFani from despair (one choir member had to leave due to a tragedy that happened at her home). I said exactly what i wrote here that even in mourning we can choose to take control of our minds and direct them to whatever means we want.
Luckily, they listened and we came out with The Performance Of The Night.
I believe in this philosophy and that's why i'm sharing it with the world. I hope more and more people will choose to unchain themselves from the concept of ibhadi and go towards the light. Towards success and happiness.

Yours at work, iFanerro

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