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News: @FlexBoogieSA x @PdotO_SA - On Road Drops Friday

Flex Boogie's been growing himself as more than just an artist this past year. He's begun to express himself as a poet and advocate for black beauty and power. Something I must say the world cannot have enough of. His music too has become mad fluid, experimenting with singing of late and live instrumentation in song with his band. He has teased a new song with PdotO who just announced his debut album, The Devilz' Playground, release date which is 30th October 2016 and has recently dropped his "This Can't Be Life" music video with Kimosabe. From the snippet, the joint is sounding really gangster with the heavy organ presence and a bit of reggae influence in Boogie's lingo. One can only imagine what the track will sound like. We can't wait for the freshness.