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News: Drake Is The Most Streamed Artist On Spotify In 2015

With digital music sales eclipsing physical sales world wide the world of music streaming has become a beast of its own with many business models in music curatorship being based on streaming.

Spotify which is a major player in the streaming world just announced Drake as the worlds most streamed artist with 1.8 billion streams and 46 million listeners. Now although these are impressive numbers I cannot stop but wonder how much of a bitter pill this was for Spotify cause Drake has his situation with Apple and Spotify is sort of rivals with Apple. You know where I'm getting at.

Whichever way you look at it the real winner here is Drake. He managed to change the way that people get music and made streaming a thing in 2015. I mean WATTBA was dropped on OVO radio which is a stream before the album hit physical sales. Drake really took 2015 and I only wonder what the team at OVO are cooking up with Views From The 6TH. Surely they must be thinking of new innovative ways to drop the music cause this formula is working for them.

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