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Supa Mega @akaworldwide Splits With @VthSeason x Compares It To Birdman/Wayne

Nobody wants to deal with Raphael Benza ... This is not a secret.

Not a fall out bro ... Far worse. Birdman/Wayne type sh!.

A lot of things happened last week Friday, what with SA hip hop artists dropping music and us here at SOL dropped the Brands Doing Dope Sh! documentary. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, well this story is not so much bad news as it is a shocker of note. Out of nowhere and without warning, AKA has split from his record label Vth Season. Moment of silence please. Yeah I know right? Nobody saw this coming. The reasons are all documented via a series of tweets that AKA shared because that's how you break the news these days. One tweet, though, does shed light after a 'Doronite' (AKA Fan) asked AKA how bad the situation is and AKA said it's on some Birdman and Wayne sh!t, which can only mean one thing. I won't spell it out for you but there seems to be a business understanding if we use the Weezy and Birdman angle as fodder. The facts speak for themselves. Normally AKA shoots very aggressively on the Twitter-sphere but this time he handled the announcement like a boss. All his tweets were well calculated and thought through. They were all timed with a linear narrative and maybe I rigged the narrative to at least make the tweets tell a story for ya. Bare with me, I am trying to give a lowdown and get inside the mind of a man who is ready to own himself and do things on his own terms. You will see what I mean in the latter part of this narrative.

AKA knew this was coming. "Quietly" just spells this out for me in this tweet.


In a boxing match the below tweet is equivalent to a knock out. "Dead" means what was once breathing is now finished.


An era is 10 years if I am not mistaken. In 10 years he has done a lot nyana. "The start" means that AKA is ready to write his own chapter.


AKA has always spoken about leaving a legacy when it's all been said and done.


This is a boss tweet. This tells the story of an individual who wants to own himself now more than ever.

That's all the creativity I can conjure up in deciphering AKA's tweets but it's easy to see that this guy wants to move different and be a boss. And as you know, bosses need a place to make boss moves.

So feast your eyes on AKA's new office space. Congrats on your new digs mayne.

We're waiting on an official statement from Vth Season because it's always dope hearing two sides of the story.