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New Single By @Beatmochini ft @Skillo_SA @KhuliChana & @BizzATV Drops 07/07/2017

The beat machine has issued smoke signal that there will be a fire erupting out of his studio come next week Friday. The danger is called Onketsetsang and it is incited by him accompanied by Skillo, Khuli Chana and BizzATV. I wonder if he too throws some bars or vocals on the track? Hmm! If you ain't know, Beatmochini raps too. Just refer to his work with the Band Academy to believe me.

Anyway, hot off his trip in Sweden with the crew (Khuli and KayGee) and after he dropped his March 10th EP he's ready to share more of what he's always working on in studio. WE ARE WAITING RIGHT HERE AT THE GATE OUTSIDE OF HIS STUDIO. You know the drill by now!