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New Music Alert : @Dannykmusic Feat @ANATII - #ForTheGirls

For the Girls” is a perfect blend of Danny’s iconic soulful R & B vocals combined with Anatii’s trademark beats and raps. It’s an infectious track that is set to reconfirm that Danny K is indeed South Africans “Prince of Pop”.

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Here is how this track came about according to Danny K

“I am constantly trying to push my music in new directions, exploring sounds and textures that excite me. When I first met Anatii I knew that he could help me realise the musical vision I was after. We spent time getting to know one another and began to develop a relationship that would allow us to create my new sound. After this many years in the business I enjoyed working with someone who wanted to help me reinvent myself and push my own boundaries. For many years my music was made and produced overseas, and for a time that was cool, but I am such a believer that we have so much exciting talent right here at home. It has become totally unnecessary to rely anything other than our own abilities."