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Video: @Tinashe Talks @TheRealmambazo x Why Her Brothers Name Is Thulani With Narduwar

Narduwar always hands whoever he is interviewing old school records x vinyls as a way to show the persons history and origin. I'm a die hard Narduwar fan based on his interview style. Heck you may think he is very left with the questions he asks but dude always seems to tell history in an interesting way.

Talk about interesting. Did you know that Tinashe's father performed with Lady Smith Black Mambazo?


The crazy story is that her father was on a show with Lady Smith Black Mambazo and her brother is named after one of the group members. At this point you should be asking yourself how is this possible? Well it is and this is prolly the dopest video I have watched all year. So much so I actually downloaded it cause history is meant to be saved.

Tinashe further goes onto showlove on the traditional gear the group is wearing on the cover.

Okay we have said too much Watch the video after the jump.

Oh ya the brothers name is Thulani. Crazy right?