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Mzansi Youth Vote @CassperNyovest Coolest Local Star,5 Reason Why We Think They Did.

The 2015 Sunday Times Generation Next survey asks the kids (aged 8-23) in SA which brands are cool in their eyes. The kids vote. And a survey is released for brands to find out what kids regard as cool.

I have always paid close attention to the music artists that win cause this tells you who is winning the hearts and minds of kids in our country. Another thing to note is that kids are important cause in the future they become future consumer.

![Mzansi youth vote @CassperNyovest as the coolest local star](


Cassper should be damn proud cause in this years survey SA kids deemed him to be the coolest local Star in South Africa. This is a huge accolade considering the fact that the kids that vote are made up of all races in this country.

![Mzansi youth vote @CassperNyovest as the coolest local star](


Congratulations to the homie Nyovest. You keep winning kids hearts bro and this is a really special award to file in your already impressive trophy cabinet.

What is dope is how SA hip hop continues to show how influential it is. If the kids think its cool then we winning.

Here are 5 reasons why we think kids in South Africa voted him as the coolest according to what we have seen in recent months

1.Cassper is approachable x kids love his outgoing personality

2.Kids dig his Doc Shebeleza joint

3.He owns himself x runs his own businesses

4.Cassper has a had a strong influence on the culture

5.Cassper's pony tail is unique x is a fashion statement

He reminds kids not to forget where they come from and how you can be cool being black