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Music: @WMBMTU_X ft @TamarshaMusicSA x @pH_rawX - #PrettyCake (Life Of The Party)

What kind? Shu! First of all, how magic is Tamarsha? I think we can address her presidential status now. Those vocals, how she's playful with them on this track? SUKA MADODA.

Then, let's address this issue of pH Raw X. HAWEMA! The update, if you missed it, is that the new movement now is We Make Better Music Than U (WMBMTU), and by "we" we're talking about South Africa and Africa at large. We're talking exporting our sounds and flavours to the rest of the world, 'cause we hit them 6 - 1 like... NEVERMIND!

Anyway, this is the new smash by WMBMTU featuring Tamarsha and pH Raw X called Pretty Cake. YIKES!

Stream it over here and show them love: