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Music Video: @vincestaples ft @tydollasign - Rain Come Down

No man, we've been waiting way too long for Vince to drop these visuals. We get to see his video for Rain Come Down with Ty Dolla $ign and although they had us waiting for so long, I can safely say it was worth it.

The video starts off with both guys looking stranded on different sides of some rocky mountains. Vince then grabs an empty soda bottle and spins it before heading to the direction it's pointed at. He takes his bottle with him using it as a GPS and later finds himself at a coffee shop where rain finally comes down. Little do we know that he's actually in a cup filled with water and a gold fish. Imagine you're steady chilling having your coffee and a big fish eye appears on the window, creepy right? Now stop imagining and enjoy the video.

Peep this: