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Music Video: @tylerthecreator ft @asvpxrocky - Who Dat Boy

Who that boy? Wolf Haley.

We get to see the very dramatic visuals for Tyler, The Creator's Who Dat Boy with Lord Flacko. If you've seen some of Wolf Haley's videos then you'd know that he's one out-of-the-box guy, sicker than your average. Tyler has half his face burnt due to an explosion, which is probably why Rocky is asking "who that boy" when the former lands on his front door. Dr Flacko then stitches a Caucasian face on Tyler's face to cover the burns, and to help him be unidentifiable to the popo. We get a complete switch up at the end, very creative video.

Peep this:

Here are the lyrics so you guys can rap along and don't have to make up your own words: