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Music Video: @TroyAve - I Ain't Mad Atcha

If there's one thing you can count on Troy Ave for, it's his ability to always spit the honest truth. He always keeps it real about how he's feeling and he takes us through his motions good or bad. Now, I always say that if you're gonna do a classic... Yup, you know the drill by now.

Because this is so personal, he gets a pass. I Ain't Mad Atcha is basically a reminisce on how he's overcome so many bad things, with people betraying him, throwing him into the firing line and wishing him the worst. The video is very clear with just him rapping on his luxury piece but the story is filled by inserts of some incidents that add to the pictorial of his tales. Damn b! I guess all you ever have in the world after all is yourself. Hectic.