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Music Video: @trvisXX - Butterfly Effect

Quick fact, Travis Scott is insane. But I bet you already knew that. Word is he opened his appearance on Kendrick Lamar's DAMN tour with a flying bird (which became a stage) entrance. WILD! We couldn't maintain composure when he dropped this track during his visit down here last month and now we get the trippy visuals for it.

Travis is riding out the window of a gold lambo while insane occurrences appear on screen including gorgeous women spewing butterflies out their mouth, mad distorted graphics, running make-up and being hit by lightning. Travis is such a rockstar, no ways. This is the second American visual I'm noticing which looks this trippy in terms of effects (Playboi Carti's Magnolia is mad intense on that front too). Could this be a new trend in visuals soon to pick up? Let's wait and see...

Get lost in the video below:

Peep Travis' flying performance at the DAMN tour opening: