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Music Video: The Game - Pest Control (Meek Mill Diss)

Weeeeh! The Game is that guy you don't want to have a grudge on you. Homie invited the whole neighbourhood out in the streets of New York to keep him company as they have a party in the name of "the Meek [that] shall inherit the earth". This is all so hilarious. The fact that the video is so well orchestrated is the best part. Rats, an exterminator, pictures of Meek Mill juxtaposed on Mickey Mouse, tweets, movie scene frames, I mean, the whole nine yards. In actual fact, this isn't a beef anymore. It's a flex of power. Right at the end of the video we see the clip of Beanie Sigel being knocked out by a "D#ck Chaser" crew member on behalf of Meek Mill 'cause he told The Game that he ghost wrote for 'em. The plot thickens.

Watch the movie over here: