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Music Video: @TechN9ne x @KrizzKaliko - What If It Was Me

OMW! I am actually fighting back my tears. No gas. It's more than just the song. These visuals are amazing. Seeing the police officer being the one shot and Krizz Kaliko's piercing bridge in the song is just madness. Wow. I just love Tech N9ne for this.

First of all, he's raps are on a fire wind. Then, the story is twofold: the courage of a dreamer being shared, and a reflection on the tense situation between the police and black community in America. He channels a scenario that took place between two police officers in Louisiana earlier this year where Alton Sterling, a man who sold CD's and DVD's outside a store, was shot in the confrontation. My heart just got heavy. This music video is EVERYTHING.

Have a look: