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Music Video: @SyAriDaKid ft @BIRDMAN5STAR - Wire Transfer From Birdman

First of all, I'm here for Sy Ari's voice and I know that it is easily comparable to a few other people but I just love his confidence added to these cheeky bars he's dropping. Wire Transfer From Birdman sounds almost like a loyalty check and it works well too. I'm drawn by the empowerment in the undertone of this song though, "we all rich, who says we gotta be on the Forbes list?" Love it!

Shoutout to all the people that never forget the people who put them on. But also shoutout to people who are in a better position and they put others on. This video is dope, I love the edit with the money counter just going UP the whole time as the video plays. Loving the black and white too, everything looks more compelling in monochromatic scheme.

Have a look: