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Music Video: @SnoopDogg ft @RickRockbeats - Moment I Feared

Everybody's favourite uncle comes with the video for his latest single with Rick Rock titled Moment I Feared. The video begins with the rappers smoking Snoop's favourite herb, discussing the industry and youngins on the come up, live on Double G News Network (GGN).

Soon after the beat drops (which kinda sounds like that of 213's Groupie Love), we see a Young Thug lookalike searching through dresses and dancing hilariously in heels, sheesh. The idea seems to have been taken from the youngin's Jeffrey cover.
This might be a shot at Thugga because just after releasing his album Beautiful Thugger Girls, he then compared himself to 2Pac and social media attacked him, looks like Uncle Snoop took a different approach. The lookalike is then interviewed on GGN, asked why people are hating on him and whether he's gay or not. Your uncle is rather spicy guys.

But all in all, this is quite a creative video, the track is dope as well.

Peep this: