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Music Video: @snoopdogg ft @OctoberTheKing - Revolution

The world can never get enough of such heart tugging, compelling and very important messaging. Snoop Dogg's newest visual revisits Coolaid to give us a motion picture for Revolution. In this music video Snoop shines the light on young Americans from different walks of life, their struggles and daily strives. Beautiful, innocent faces which seem to carry some looming burden of living in modern day America. The disturbingly common police violence makes yet another appearance emphasising the stark reality and struggle this really is. October London's vocals pack so much soul, they give this music video a haunted beauty. Magic.

Uncle Snoop dropped some jewels in an interview speaking about the video, “I feel like true revolution starts with the babies, the youth. We gotta be conscience of the world we’re leaving behind for the kids, no matter where they’re from." AMEN