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Music Video: @S_C_ - 4:44

We get the official video for Hov's album titled track 4:44 and I cannot explain the chills. The video is a series of different clips with the actual track playing halfway through and cutting so other videos can play. Clips showing police brutality, people being interviewed and a man being run over by a car. This video is pretty intense and I cannot imagine the amount of time and the creativity put into this piece of work.

We also see an interview between the late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and a robot woman, a creepy-looking one at that. A video of Hov and Bey performing is also shown while Al Green's Judy plays in the background, these are also separate clips. A video plays of a lady and a young man dancing while 4:44 blasts in the background then slowly fades into blue and we see baby Blue. Beautiful.

Peep this: