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Music Video: @Priddy_Ugly ft @YoungstaCPT - Come To My Kasi

OMW! Someone fax Nkululeko Lebambo real quick! What is this?! Issshuuuu! This music video is so bananas! So many times I'm captured by the story and then the dramatics catch me off guard. But it's also in the detail. First of all, how did they manage to capture these amazing train scenes? Did they ask the driver to slow down? I have so many questions. Priddy Ugly is untouchable with the creative man. He STAYS reinventing himself and displaying the highest grade of artistry in his visuals. Sheeesh! And then Youngsta happened. Isn't it just perfect how they captured his verse in a cypher-like battle 'cause he actually delivers some mad blows on that piece. I'm stunned. Just...immaculate. Do music videos get SAFTA's? Cause the Oscars office is too far for me to fax them. TWO'S UP FOR YOUR KASI!

Don't incur some burns when you watch this!