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Music Video: @PartTimeCooks x @Koncept - Calling Me

OH NO THEY DIDN'T! So Part Time Cooks dropped a video for their single Calling Me with Koncept and the shade on there is enough to block the sun. Okay, so if you've been living under a rock somewhere (you probably were), Part Time Cooks is a duo consisting of Saul Goode and Black Moss and they are based in Korea. The idea behind the video (directed by Brandon Cho) was to highlight the artists' disappointment in the leadership USA is under, which is why Saul depicts and taunts President Trump as "Ronald Trump" throughout. They also show Koncept as a mafia boss stroking a stuffed Pikachu before sniffing lines of flour and pissing on the president, deep. The guys also use the tag line, "Why they keep calling me King" in the hook, showing that although the Mafia and the Zulu King are just acting, Ronald Trump really doesn't understand the responsibility of being a president. Sounds like somebody I know.

The video ends with Black Moss as a Zulu King, spitting the meanest bars and later teaching the president some Zulu dance moves. The guys spat the meanest bars on this track, had me rewinding before the track could even finish. Calling Me is the first single off of Part Time Cooks' joint album, set to drop soon. Dope track, dope video.

Peep this: