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Music Video: @Papzito - Bashemane #HeritageWeek

The rise of Limpopo rap is refreshing with some Tsonga rappers surfacing along with a few Venda and Pedi rappers slowly breaking into the limelight. Taken from the Rain In Limpopo II album, Bashemane is such a beautiful peek into the life of a Pedi boy and his culture through the stories of what he likes and what represents him. I'm loving the marriage of the soft bass along with the acoustic instruments that bring hip hop and traditional music together. The self proclaimed king of Limpopo rap, Papzito, did well on this one. I won't lie, I love the goats and cattle in this video, so real. Ang'chelele Mageu ka lebekering while he's at it. I do wish he'd worn something either than a Dashiki shirt, but he's forgiven. He's repping for the African rural child the continent over.

Watch the video over here and let us know what you think.