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Music Video: @OfficialTLC ft @SnoopDogg - Way Back

Try to imagine this; an old school setting in the West Coast with all the fine honeys and fellas having a good time. Music blasting from the low-rider with the mad hydraulics and drinks flowing in the red plastic cups, basically everything is a throwback. Chilling with old friends, reminiscing and enjoying the good times, bliss right?

Now stop imagining because the legendary TLC finally dropped the visuals (the first in fourteen years by the way) for their new single with Uncle Snoop titled Way Back. The lyrics put it perfectly, "It’s been a long, long time coming". The video is quite colourful and has that summer vibe to it, pretty dope concept for the title as well. It's too bad Snoop couldn't be on set, but he does appear via green screen. Dope track, looking forward to new music.

Peep this: