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Music Video: @officialjaden - Batman

Jaden gives us visuals for his latest single titled Batman, suited up in a white Batman costume. For those who may not know, Jaden has a love for the character and looked up to Adam West, who played him in the Batman movie. So after the actor's passing, it looks as though Jaden recorded and shot the video for Batman in Adam's honour, ncooo. The track seems to have been inspired by Drake and Future's Jumpman, pretty dope.

Did you know: Jaden also wore the costume to his prom and to Kim and Kanye's wedding? Of course you didn't.

The video begins in the middle of nowhere as Jaden wakes to the Bat-signal then drives off in his Bat-mobile, a cocaine white Tesla driven by Tyler, The Creator. Wonder if the video has some Odd Future connections, maybe. The Dark Knight, or Light Knight, goes off to defeat the bad guys before he departs into the sunset. Shoosh!

Peep this: