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Music Video: @NickMayorMusic - A La Mboma

Paying tribute to Cameroonian football legend, Patrick Mboma, Nick Mayor goes in hard on this single aptly titled A La Mboma. Residing in Belgium, the Cameroonian artist's video was directed by noteworthy video genius Chad Winson. Nick Mayor has actually carved his own sound merging trap music and afrobeats into what he calls "afrodab" music. In the visuals we see him flexing and celebrating success while he praises more of his home idols like football player Samuel Et' O and artist Krotal. With Mboma's shock back-flip goal against France back at the 2000 Olympic Games, it's no surprise that while this song is celebratory, it's also a medium to let the haters know who's really got the juice. Love the vibe!

Watch it over here: