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Music Video: @Nadia_nakai - Don't Cut It

IT'S HERE! Finally. We shared some shots and clips of Bragga shooting the video for this piece and we love what we see. I particularly appreciate that she chose a solo joint from her 5 track EP as a highlight. In these visuals we see her flex at a race track location throughout the video. How cool is Sne (the star dancer in the video) though? If you saw Bragga's set at the Orlando you'll know just how magical this combo of her and Sne are. I love it.

Nadia Nakai just dropped Sqwaa by the way! I just don't know what to touch and what to leave. The work ethic is too strong round here.

Check out the video:

Download the Bragga EP here.

Get the brand new Sqwaa as well!