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Music Video: @MONTANAof300 - OOOUUU (Remix)

SOMEONE GIVE YOUNG M.A HER MVP GOLD PLAQUE ALREADY! Sheeesh! Is this not the most remixed joint of 2016? This is madness. Wow.

Montana Of 300 kicks off this remix video by saying that he doesn't even like the beat but his fans made him do it. We appreciate that you love your fans that much but don't kid us fam, you wouldn't jump on it if you really hated it that much. Anyway, I love that he took such extra effort into a mere remix video, says a lot about the calibre of artist he is. After all, this song has been remixed so much he had to add flair to his contribution. Montana, you ACED it! So accurate. Finessing!

Just see for yourself: