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Music Video: @MeekMill ft @TheKingDream - YBA

I saw the title of the video and the first thing that came to me was HHP's legendary YBA 2 NW album. But I don't see Meek and The Dream rapping in Setswana in this lifetime so scratch that. The track's titled YBA which stands for "Young Black America" but with all that our people constantly go through, we can also say Young Black Africa, just don't tell Meek.

The track has Meek telling a tale about a young black man and all the evil that come and snatch the future of our people. The video also captures scenes that play a role in leading young blacks in a path of destruction. Meek tells this story as he's facing the video's main subject to whom, at the end of the video, he hands a DreamChasers chain to. The rapper also mentions that youngins are killing one another and that it's starting to look like the KKK, hence the people with similar masks in the video.

With all that's happening in America, especially to black folk, this track will really open your eyes to the dangers our people are facing and need to steer clear from.

Peep this: