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Music Video: @MAJORLAZER ft @Camila_Cabello @trvisXX @QuavoStuntin - Know No Better

The Philip Andelman-directed video continually juxtaposes the main subject's actual life with his imaginary one but what doesn't change is the boy's love for dance. The track is also titled after Major Lazer's EP. The subject's fantasy world has him hanging out with some of his favorite stars like Travis, Quavo, Camila and the guys from Major Lazer. Although nothing goes his way, his love for dancing and his very wild imagination keep him distracted from the life of bullies and absolute boredom.

The boy's courage to shoot his shot for his crush catches the attention of Diplo who is one third of Major Lazer. This might just be the boy's big break - to be a backup majaivane for the group.

Peep this: