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Music Video: @macklemore ft @SkylarGrey - Glorious

Macklemore comes at us with a music video for his track titled Glorious with Skylar Grey and let me tell you this, it's as precious as can be. I almost shed a thug tear, sweater-ghad.

The grandmother's 100th birthday was the main focus here and Macklemore saw it fitting to make it a memorable one by paying her a visit to do everything she wanted to do for the day. They went through the neighbourhood egging people's houses then he got her a pair of Yeezy's. They went thrift shopping and next on the list was shopping cart racing in a grocery store. She even got a male dancer in a firefighter costume to give her a sexy dance, the depth.

The best part has to be when Macklemore gets a tattoo of his granny's name as she watches, her hand in his. The track doesn't even begin to describe this heartwarming set of visuals.

Peep this and get a tissue: