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Music Video: @LifeOfDesiigner - Outlet

After what felt like he stopped making music, Desiigner finally drops new tracks and also visuals for his track titled Outlet. For this video the boy takes his theatrics to Manchester United's Old Traford stadium and brings along footy heads' favourite French player, Paul Pogba.

The track will get you hyped up for real, definitely not like Panda and Timmy Turner although his signature "rrrrraaaa" is heard throughout his verses. Desiigner turns up from the changing room to the field, then is later joined by Pogba. The single was used to present the 2017 and 2018 away kit for Manchester United in collaboration with Adidas. No dab in sight, maybe it's finally dead. Skkr skkr!

Peep this:

Pogba and Desiigner - Manchester United Away Kit 2017 and 2018: