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Music Video: @LastDaysFam - Indigenous Soundtrack

BULLS EYE! Hell Afro-yes!

I swear, sometimes I want to fill my posts with mere exclamations and not have to describe anything. This song, this music video makes my heart pounce out of control. Somewhere deep in the music video I also almost felt like crying at the beauty of my people portrayed in the visual. This is by far one of my favourite songs from these incomparable wordsmiths. I don't know what's worse between me missing the music video shoot or knowing that so many other African children out there are not hearing or seeing this. Can we share this with our brothers and sisters for the sake of pride?

Brilliant execution on the wardrobe and location side. An excellent touch in having the characters rap along to the piece. It transfers the story to beyond the artist making it a joint narrative. I'm so in love I want to shut down Thursday and just watch this all day. Agh... ❤️

Have a look: