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Music Video: @KhuliChana x @KayGizmSoul x @VICTORIA_KIMANI x @sarkodie - #OneSource

Africa ain't no jungle!

Dankie Chana! Yoh. Yoh. Yoh. This video is so captivating. From the opening right till the end, you wanna pay strict attention so you don't miss a damn piece of detail. Khuli Chana's been working on the #OneSource album that will see the whole of Africa contributing to it, either through artistry or simply by interaction. This is in collaboration with Absolut Vodka's One Source campaign. The Chana's been asking us to give him names of African artists he should partner with for this album and I'm glad to see that King Sark (Ghanaian) and the ever gorgeous Victoria Kimani(Kenyan) are part of this one which was shot in Accra, Ghana. There are also cameos by Ghanaians Zeal of VVIP, DJ Breezy, E.L., Kenya's Osborne Macharia and our very own KG. Notice the use of blue fire flames in the visuals? Apart from any other metaphor for this, I just thought I should bring to your attention the fact that blue fire burns MUCH hotter than the regular yellow-orange fire we're used to. Man, can you imagine the mere possibility of an African collaboration album? SHEESH! I am so excited for this!

Watch it over here: