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Music Video: @KendrickLamar - Element

After winning the BET for Best Male Hip Hop Artist on Sunday June 25th, K.Dot comes at us with a new video off of his album DAMN. The single is titled ELEMENT and it's one of the most standout tracks on the album, my personal favourite being LOVE.

The video is jam-packed with violence and blood, well Kendrick did say that he's willing to die for this, "it" probably being the music. In 2011 he was given the responsibility by West Coast OGs Snoop, Game and Dre to continue their legacy, which had him tear up. Kendrick likes including his fans in his videos and this goes to show that he is a true leader. He also explains that if he is ever to be involved in a scuffle, he's gonna make it look sexy. You get em Kung Fu Kenny!

Peep this: