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Music Video: @ginger_trill ft @simmysimmynya x @SummertimeCANE - Forrest Guap

This is for all the believers in the Gvng-gvng! Ginger Trill shares the visual for his latest highlight off the Gvng Tapes titled Forrest Guap featuring Simmysimmynya and SummertimeCANE. The track has already hit #1 on the YFM Hot99 Hip Hop chart. Crazy!

The track is packing with mad punches and you get that danger in the visual with the guys gooning in the whip and in the streets. Simmy's hook is infectious, while Trill and CANE come through mad rugged on the rhymes. It's basically a tutorial in Guapanese and if you're not passing the class you need a new destiny!

Have a look: