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Music Video: @GeminiMajor x @rikyrickworld x @CassperNyovest x @MAJORLEAGUEDJZ - Ragga Ragga

Spaan! C.N.S.I.C got another one, Ragga Ragga the music video is out. We saw the team squad goaling a few weeks ago and now the coolness is delivered to us. This tune is hella infectious, add to that, we got visuals to go with it. We see the team zone out to each of their verses close-up style in this simple yet effective cut. Someone send a fax to Family Tree and tell 'em slow down! SHEESH! We're waiting for Bragga's Don't Cut It video too, meanwhile, the FOMO to #FillUpOrlandoStadium is gaining momentum. AKULALWA.

Watch the video over here: