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Music Video: @djkhaled ft @trvisXX x @Nas - It's Secured

SECURE THE BAG ALERT! Guys, Khaled is definitely putting in the work for Grateful. He already has four videos out, including videos for I'm So Grateful and On Everything, the visuals for It's Secured make it five. The track features the legendary Nas and Travis Scott who by the way has the most features on the album.

"I know I said Nas album done, but we got one more to do first". This guy doesn't respect us.

As Khaled promised, the video premiered at an official BET after party, so maybe some of you guys saw it already? It features the guys driving off after a robbery then having cops chase after them. The coolest part has to be when Travis performs in front of the officers, while they have their guns drawn. The video then shifts to a club that's then raided by the cops, but still maintains the super fine quality. Khaled has the bag, it's secured.

Peep this:

Khaled also stated that he's working on shooting ... another one, sorry I had to say it. He's planning to shoot visuals for Nobody with Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj. Look out for that.

Part 1:

Part 2: