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Music Video: @Divine_Council ft @GirlsDemSugarMG x Andre 3000 - Decemba (Remix)

Aaaah! THIS in an actual movie. I see all that talk about music videos being "movies" but only a few ever live up to such high expectation. Directed by 3 Stacks himself, this music video sees $ilk Money play the lead role, an escaped convict who gets to live out the fantasy of his girl to the death of them. Talk about till the wheels fall off! Such magic. The joint is pretty mellow allowing it to be a perfect soundtrack for this short film you're encapsulated by. Just wow.

There's also a social message at the end of the song and video addressing the issue of police violence and children growing up to be mad at cops 'cause their parents were killed by the men sworn to protect them. Deep.

Have a look: