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Music Video: Denaun Porter ft @Royceda59 x @MarvWon - God Bless

Now, it seems there are various interpretations to this music video for God Bless by Denaun Porter. That shouldn't come as a surprise 'cause hip hop fans have hyper-active minds. I saw a comment on Twitter saying that Denaun is tired of his Eminem association, while on the other hand, comments on the video seem to reach a consensus of them wanting a real video instead of an animation. Needless to say, the video has sure sparked conversation. I like it just the way it is. The animation is actually centered around racism and corporate corruption as we see Denaun, Royce and Marv travel through the hood, suburbs and a record label space as well. I can appreciate that there is at least a story for us to follow in all this.

Have a look!