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Music Video: @WeAreDeLaSoul ft @LittleDragon - Drawn

My heart. Trapped. In this here abyss of familiarity, relation and enchantment. The legendary De La Soul evoke the deepest of emotions and many an inherent truth with the motion picture for Drawn. Teaming up with the formidable Little Dragon, they enchant us with the visual of an obsessed, lonely and seemingly broken artist who is hard on herself. She rehearses a ballet jump incessantly as she occasionally dances her pain when she takes a break from painting her sorrow. We are drenched in her silent cry for help as she exists in her home studio before she finally decides to end her misery. This is juxtaposed by what seems like a play in theatre rehearsal where Posdnuos raps the video to closing. Powerful. Just, immaculate. WOW

Get lost in the pain over here: