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Music Video: @C_Live ft @MadOnDoughZA x @TREEZ_RSA x @Bonezitto - #MonateFela

Yo'll don't event know! It's a parteh!

Question: How are the fellas in rehab and they're turning up in the cell group? They will never shake the addiction. And who can blame them? Just cav' the hunnies in Monate Fela, or the good vibes that the visuals are oozing. DJ C-Live gives us mad FOMO on his brand new drop for Monate Fela featuring TreeZ, Mad On Dough and Bonezitto as the exude pure summer fun, just the kind we like at that. Ladies by the pool and the squad having chilled fun poolside. Dope.

Have a look:

Download Monate Fela here