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Music Video Alert: @Uno_July "90s Laaitie" x Peep His Letter

The homie Uno July recently dropped his music video "90s Laaitie". He really can't forget about the era that inspired him x he makes this very known in the music video you are about to watch.

Peep the music video after the jump

Peep his Letter after the jump

What Up Township!
This is something for the die-hard fans who really enjoy my “Uno ’n Only” offering. Sincerely from me to you, this is easily my favourite track from the project and I decided to
present its visuals in a most simplistic and an authentic way, since I aimed to casually capture a realistic moment in time and show ya'll how I basically chill. Furthermore this is to display who are the type of people that are regularly around meand hopefully share these kinds of moments, the stories and more importantly the music. Forget all the hype-driven rap release tactics and their mainstream-orientated stuff, I just
would like to make this experience as real and as memorable as possible. I really can't express enough how much I love making the music that I do which often does instinctively go against the grain and is not fully favoured by SA's mainstream media. I do thank you all from the heart for supporting me because ya'll allow me to express my art the way I want to.

Stay Ill Skillin
NB: Lastly, Thank you Jono for making me realize this vision.