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Music Video: @2chainz - Trap Check

Chainz has already dropped three music videos since his album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music came out not so long ago. That's Blue Cheese, Sleep When U Die and the latest video for Trap Check makes it three, so far.

Tity Boi has two groups of people standing on different sides of a life-sized chess board, one group covered in white paint or powder while the other in black. Didn't understand what was going on until the first lady moved forward and the others followed individually to different blocks, chess moves! This video was well thought out as the lyrics make total sense now. "Check" means he ticks off everything he has on lock in the game (trap, fashion and money), which is a pun as it also refers to his "moves", hence the chess board. I don't understand chess but I do know that there's a point when you get to move your opponent's piece from where it's been at to place yours, this is why the people shove and attack one another. Creativity this.

Peep this: