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Music: @sza ft @kendricklamar - Doves In The Wind

I saw Charlamagne say that SZA's album is hella emo and will be the soundtrack of many ladies' "#MOOD" posts. I think I can see why. She's such a scenic voice to listen to and she's also very unapologetic about her thoughts in her music. Ahead of her debut album release, she highlighted a Kendrick Lamar feature in Doves In The Wind. The song is very personal, typical of what you'll get on the album. The dreamy sounding song is centered around apparently the second thing to make the world go round after money (depending on which side of the gender scale you stand on). Either way, it's all about the power of p*!sy and how it influences relationships, as well as people's behaviours. I quite like this track. A grown up conversation about some of the truths of life, love and lust. So sexy!

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